You can buy and eBook version of your textbook in the same manner that you would purchase a physical copy.  However, once your purchase is complete, you will receive you eBook by downloading it to your Kindle or free eReader app instead of waiting for the book to come in the mail.  (Note: You do not need a Kindle in order to read an eBook.)

To purchase a Kindle eBook version of a textbook from your computer:

  1. Go to the Kindle Store.
  2. Search for your course textbooks and locate the "kindle" versions of each.  
  3. Add the Kindle versions that you would like to purchase and follow the instructions to purchase them from
  4. Download a free eReader app for your appropriate device (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) from
  5. Sign into your account on your eReader app and download the eBooks that you just purchased.