While SU Tech Support is not able to help you create citations for your course work, we can offer a few ideas of where to start.  Most SU courses require students to follow the APA (American Psychological Association) Manual of Style.  To learn more about this style, try the following:

  • Review the resource on SU Citations provided in the Student Services area.
  • Check out the APA's Quick References online.
  • Refer to an APA style manual.  (Need to purchase one?  Check out Amazon.com.)
  • Search the Internet for APA style guidelines.  Some university websites offer concise, easy-to-follow directions for creating APA citations for basic resources.
  • Citing an eBook?  Search the Internet for APA style guidelines specifically regarding digital resources.  The APA also offers a Quick Reference answer regarding eBooks.
  • Have more questions?  Contact your instructor for further instructions on how to create citations for your course work.

SU Tech Support is always happy to answer your technical questions about your SU Online courses (Moodle).  Simply open a new customer support ticket and an agent will respond to you within 24 hours.