The following video walks you through how to buy textbooks for credit/audit academic courses offered online from Summit University.  Follow along with the PDF Video Script attached to this solution at the bottom of the page.  Simple step-by-step instructions are listed below the video.

NOTE: Due to a change in's services, Summit University is no longer able to provide the SU Online Bookstore through  We apologize for this inconvenience.  The video below will be updated soon to reflect this change.  If you need assistance with finding and purchasing textbooks, please open a customer support ticket and SU Tech Support will respond to you within 24 hours.




  1. Login to the SU Student Portal in Orbund at  (Enter your username and password, and make sure that Student is selected for the Role; then click Login.)
  2. Click on Class, then click on the name of the class that you would like to see a list of textbooks for.
  3. Click on Class Documents.
  4. Here you will find the syllabus, schedule and textbook sheet for your upcoming course. If these materials are not yet available, you will see a message telling you when to check back to view them.
  5. Click on a link to view the PDF or to download it to your computer:
    1. The Textbook Information Sheet will show you information about required and recommended textbooks and materials for your courses.
    2. The Course Syllabus and Course Schedule provide students with important information and key due dates for the class.
  6. Most textbooks are available for purchase through  You are not required to purchase your textbooks through, although this can be a convenient option, especially for students residing in the United States.  International students, read this solution to learn more about purchasing books through an international site.
  7. Occasionally some course texts are not available through  In such cases, the Textbook Information Sheet will provide alternative options for purchase.