We at SU Tech Support have noticed that PayPal can be somewhat unpredictable in how it displays information to our students.  We attribute some of this unpredictability to:
  • payment processor requirements and restrictions for other countries,
  • cookies stored on individual computers, and
  • updates made to the PayPal website and system.

All of these factors are beyond our control, so we are unable to provide complete instructions for all scenarios for our students making payments using the PayPal system.  For students who see variations of the instructions we provide, we recommend that you:

  • Do your best to follow the instructions that PayPal gives you.
  • Look closely for logout links and other instructions, if needed.  We’ve noticed that PayPal tends to make some important links and instructions small and place them in obscure places.
  • If you have a question, take a screen shot and send it to us at SU Tech Support, so that we can better assist you.  Not sure how to take a screen shot?  Check out this solution in our Knowledge Base.