This tutorial is designed to help extension course students get acquainted with the Summit University online learning environment called Moodle.  


How to Use This Tutorial

Moodle is a relatively intuitive environment, especially for extension course students.  Our extension courses are structured like a basic website.  If you are familiar with the Internet, you may just want to use this tutorial simply as a reference for when you come across a Moodle feature that you need help with.  If you are brand new to taking online courses, the following links will help you become acquainted with the Moodle features that you need to know how to use to complete your course. 

Each of the following links takes you to a page each contain a video and additional instructions on how to use specific Moodle features.  Click on a link to learn about that specific Moodle feature.  At the bottom of each page, you will see a link to return to this tutorial page for extension course students.

    If you have questions about this tutorial, please contact SU Tech Support by opening a customer support ticket here:

    Need help using the SU Tech Support website?  Watch our video on how to use the SU Tech Support resources here: