Yes, it is possible to only print one chapter of a Moodle book. Follow the instructions below:

At this time, we recommend that students only use Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer to print Moodle books.  Using Firefox may cause formatting problems.

To print a Moodle book:

  1. Click on the book title to enter the book.
  2. Once inside the book, navigate to the chapter that you would like to print.  Scroll down to the Administration block on the right side of the screen.  Under the Book administration menu, click Print book.
  3. This will bring up a pop-up window.  Click Print chapter.
  4. A dialogue box will open where you can select options related to your printer and print the chapter, or save/print as a PDF (if your computer supports this option).

You can also print the entire book by following the steps above, except in Step 3, click Print book. 

To see where to find the book print links, watch the Moodle 102 how-to video on Readings.  The last few seconds of the video show you how to locate these links.