If you are taking a quiz or exam and your computer crashes, don't worry!  Moodle saves your work as you go, so all of your answers up to the last question you answered should be recorded already.  Our best advice is to take a deep breath, restart your computer, log back into your course and continue your quiz or exam.  The time limits of most quizzes and exams take into account some extra time that students might need if they are having computer or internet problems.

If you experience additional problems with taking a quiz or exam, please contact both your instructor (by email) and SU Tech Support (via a new support ticket) immediately for assistance.

SU Tech Support agents are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends, and respond to student questions withing 24 hours.  During midterm and finals weeks, SU Tech Support agents are committed to being on call to help students more quickly, so you will likely receive a response within a few hours or less.