From time to time, students report that the videos in their course look choppy.  This can be caused by several things (as outlined in this solution), but the easiest thing to try first is buffering the video (allowing a portion or all of the video to stream to your computer) before watching it.  To do this:

  1. Click the video's play button.
  2. Then click the video's pause button right away.
  3. The video will begin streaming to your computer.
  4. Hover your mouse over the video box to see how much of the video has streamed to your computer.  When the grey bar reaches the right hand said of the bar, the entire video has streamed to your computer.  You can often start playing the video when about half of it has streamed, as it will continue streaming while you watch.

Need a how-to video?

Check out the Moodle 102 how-to video on Video Clips to watch how to do this.

Buffering doesn't help?

If buffering the video does not work, we suggest that you try the other ideas offered in this solution.