The steps for changing your SU Online (Moodle) profile picture are identical to adding a brand new picture:

  1. Login to SU Online (Moodle) and go to your "My home" page.
  2. Next to your name in Moodle, you will see a dropdown to go to your Profile.
  3. Click on "Edit profile."  This will take you to your profile settings.
  4. Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page and click on "User profile."  This will open the area where you will post your picture.
  5. Locate the "New picture" box and click on the "Add" icon in the upper left corner of this area.  (Note: This icon looks like a piece of paper with a small plus sign.)  This will open the File Picker.
  6. Select "Upload a file" on the left side of the File Picker.
  7. In the main area of the File Picker, click "Browse...," navigate to the picture that you would like to upload, and select this image.
  8. Click "Upload this file."
  9. You should now see a thumbnail of the photo in the "New picture" box.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Update profile."  The new photo you uploaded will replace your older profile picture.
  11. You will now see your new picture listed on your profile.

To see a how-to video on how to add a picture to your profile, check out the Moodle 101 video called "Step 2: Update your profile and change your password."