You will access course readings differently, depending on the type of reading:

  • Online readings in Moodle pages and books: Online readings can be accessed by simply clicking on the Moodle page or book title on the course main page.  (See the Moodle 102 how-to video on "Readings" for more information on how to access Moodle pages and books.)
  • Assignments to read sections of required textbooks: Some credit and audit courses will assign certain pages to read in a required textbook.  You will need to purchase these required textbooks so that you can complete these readings.  Information about required and recommended textbooks for credit and audit courses is available in the SU Course Catalog and also in each course upon enrollment.  There are no required textbooks for extension courses.
  • Downloadable PDF readings: Some courses provide PDFs of some readings.  You can download these readings and either view them on your computer, or print and read them. (For help working with PDFs, please see the Course PDFs and Other Files solutions.)

SU Online courses typically contain a combination of these types of readings.