Identifying Files and Folders

Students need to be able to download, save, open, and in some cases, print files and folders from SU online courses.  You can identify files and folders from the following icons:


Video: Files and Folders

Watch the following video to learn how to work with files and folders in Moodle.  You can follow along with the PDF of the video script located at the bottom of this solution.  Instructions have been included below the video.




INSTRUCTIONS: Files and Folders

  1. To download a file:
    1. Click on a file link on the course main page, or inside your course.  Depending on your browser, this will either open the file for viewing or begin the download process.
    2. If the file opens directly in your browser, click the Save button and the file will begin downloading.
    3. Follow the directions to save the file to your computer.
  2. To open a file:
    1. Navigate to your Downloads folder on your computer (or the folder that you saved the file to).  
    2. Click on the file name to open it.
  3. To work with a Moodle folder:
    1. Click on a folder link to view the folder's contents.
    2. Click on a file link in the folder to download it to your computer.


Challenge: Download and Open PDF Files

In the Moodle Sandbox, you will find a file and a folder.  Download and save all four PDF files in these resources to your computer in a folder called "SU Online General Information."  Then, make sure that you can open these files on your computer.  If you cannot, see below.


Important Note: Adobe Reader

Most course files will be provided in a PDF format.  If you are unable to open PDF files on your computer, download a free copy of the latest version of Adobe Reader here:


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