Identifying Video Clips
You will encounter video clips in your Moodle courses.  They look like the following image:

Video: Video Clips
While you may be familiar with the play/pause buttons, this video also demonstrates how to adjust the video's volume, switch to full screen mode and overcome choppy video clips.  Watch the video below to learn more.  A PDF of the video script can be found at the bottom of this solution.

The following image shows an example of an audio player with key features labeled.  Explanations of these labels are below the image.

  1. Play/Pause Button: Push to play; this button will change to a pause button.  To pause, click the button again.
  2. Progress Bar: As the clip plays, the progress bar will change from grey to light blue-violet.
  3. Volume Control: Click on the bars to lower or raise the volume; five small color bars (as shown above) denote the loudest video volume.  You can also adjust the volume on your computer and/or external speakers.
  4. Full-Screen Mode: Click this button to enter full-screen mode.  Click it again to return to regular mode.
Challenge: Use the Video Player Features
Play the above video clip again and practice playing and pausing the video, adjusting the video's volume, and making the video full screen.  Is the video choppy?  Try the suggested technique to overcome buffering issues.

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