Identifying Audio Clips

From time to time, you will encounter audio clips in your Moodle courses.  They look like this image:




Video: Audio Clips

The following video shows you how to play, pause and work with audio clips in your courses.  You can follow along with the PDF Video Script attached to this solution at the bottom of this page.  Further information about audio player features can be found below this video.




INSTRUCTIONS: Audio Player Key Features

The following image shows an example of an audio player with key features labeled.  Explanations of these labels are below the image.



  1. Play/Pause Button: Push to play; this button will change to a pause button.  To pause, click the button again.
  2. Total Time: Every clip shows the title time in hours:minutes:seconds.
  3. Progress Bar (already played): As the clip plays, the progress bar will change from grey to violet.
  4. Current Time: This time shows the time of your current spot in the clip.  Click anywhere on the progress bar to change your place in the clip.
  5. Progress Bar (what's left): The grey area of the progress bar shows you what's left to hear in the clip.

Please note: There is no volume control on the audio clip player.  If you would like to adjust the sound volume, you will need to do this on your computer and/or external speakers (if attached).


Challenge: Practice Playing an Audio Clip

Below is an example of an audio clip.  Try playing and pausing the audio clip.  Practice moving to different sections of the clip too.  You may need to adjust your computer sound settings and/or external speakers (if attached) to change the volume.


Audio Clip: "Practice Playing an Audio Clip" [1:05 minutes]


Important Note

If you are unable to see the player above, please check to make sure that your browser is up-to-date.  Older browser versions may prevent the audio player from displaying correctly.  If you are using an older browser version, upgrade your browser to see if you can view the audio clip.  For information on how to check your browser version, see this solution in the Knowledge Base.

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