Who Needs Password Management?

We all do!  And we often use our browsers to help us.  Browsers are getting more intelligent and more helpful.  They ask you if you want to save your password.  So you say "yes," and everything works great for a while.

Then when you inevitably change your password, your browser may or may not pick up on the update.  So, when you go to login to your favorite Summit University site, it tries to help you by putting in your old password. It does this even if you are typing in the new password.  It will finish your typing for you and put in the old password and then you can't login to your courses.

To fix this and get back into your classes, you need to go into your browser and delete or update your password management file with your new password.  See below.

How do I manage my passwords in my browser?

The following links provide instructions for managing your passwords for your specific browser:

If you are unsure of what browser version you are currently using, you can visit whatbrowser.org to find out.