Sometimes students have trouble logging into the SU Student Portal in Orbund because the system does not recognize them, even though they type in the correct username and password.  We have discovered that this is often a browser problem.  

Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, give users the option of saving passwords in the browser for future use.  However, if a username or password is updated (or you use two accounts on our system), the browser may not correctly update and manage the the change or two accounts.  What then happens is that the next time you go to login, the browser overwrites any hand-typed information with your old username and/or password.  (This update by the browser often happens quickly, so if you blink, you may not see it.)  When you click login, the SU system won't recognize the mismatched or older username and password info, and as such will either send you a warning or tell you that your account does not exist.  

A simple test you can do to determine if this is the problem or not is to try to login on a new browser that you don't often use for your classes.  If logging in works on the new browser, you most likely need to update your username/password information in your browser.

Many students have had success with updating their usernames and passwords in a browser, like Chrome, to fix this problem.  Below are links to password information for each of our support browsers:

If you need more help logging in and/or managing your password in your browser, please contact SU Tech Support.