Identifying Quizzes

A quiz is one form of assessment that may be used in your courses.  Quizzes look like the following:


Video: Quizzes

Watch the following video to learn how to take a quiz and view your results.  Instructions are listed below this video.  You can also follow along with the video by downloading the PDF script located at the bottom of this solution.





  1. To enter the quiz, click on the quiz link on the course main page.
  2. Read the instructions carefully for information on the length of the quiz, if it is timed, and how many attempts you have.
  3. Click Attempt quiz now to begin the quiz.
  4. Select or enter an answer and click Next.
  5. To flag a question for review, click the Flag icon on the left side of the screen next to the question.  When you click Next, a small red triangle will appear in the upper right corner of the corresponding question number.
  6. When you have finished the last question, click Next
  7. This will take you to a summary page where you can see: which questions you have answered, which questions you left unanswered and which ones you flagged.  From this page you can either return to the quiz or submit your answers for grading.
  8. To submit your quiz, click the Submit button.


Challenge: Take a Sample Quiz

In the Moodle Sandbox you will find a sample quiz on the history of Summit University.  Take this quiz to see how much you know about SU's history and practice your quiz-taking skills.

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