Identifying Sidebar Blocks

Each Moodle course contains a sidebar with blocks, as shown in the image below:



Video: Sidebar Blocks—An Introduction

There are many useful links and tools available to you in the Sidebar.  The Sidebar is made up of blocks.  The following video introduces you to some of the basic blocks that you will encounter in your courses.  You can follow along with the video script PDF at the bottom of this solution.



INSTRUCTIONS: Sidebar Blocks—An Introduction

Following is a list of sidebar blocks that you will see in most courses:

  • My courses: You can use the course links in this block to jump from one course to another.
  • Unit links: These links help you jump to a specific week or unit in a course.  In certain courses, the current unit is highlighted in yellow.
  • Latest news: Your course instructor or facilitator may post news and information related to the course in the news forum.  The most recent news post can be found here.  Click on a post title to read the post.
  • Contact course instructor: This block lists your instructor(s) and teaching assistant(s) and their contact information.
  • Upcoming events: This block lists the next upcoming events, such as assignment due dates, in a course or overall.
  • Calendar: Use the calendar to get an overview of each month's events.
  • Navigation: This block lists links that will help you navigate around your course or Moodle.  Click Participants to see a list of your course classmates.
  • Administration: Access your grades from this block.
  • Student Services: This block lists Summit University's student services, including SU Tech Support.


Challenge: Locate the Student Services Block

Go to the Moodle Sandbox and locate the Student Services block in the right-hand sidebar. 


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